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The basic terminology used in referring to poetry consists of stanza, lines of verse, rhyme, syllobol, metephore, and simile. Prospective poets have effective ways to get their poems published affordably and efficiently with online retailers. Saying grace at mealtime is a way of life for many families. Some will hold hands around the table wle others stand bend their chairs or individually bow their heads and recite a prayer or psalm together. Creative writing practice is what you do when you sit down in front of blank paper and just start writing, without intending to do anytng with the result. The best way to get your poems and poetry published is to work with a professional publisher who offers editorial, marketing, and publicity services. Inspirational poetry that is anointed by God has the potential to change your life. Use your poetic expression as a ministry of encouragement and reconciliation to Christians and non Christians alike. Prose is a class of literature written as commonplace or ordinary speech. Its characteristics may include vivid imagery and concentrated expression. Poetry is an arrangement of words wch sometimes rhymes in a style more imaginative than ordinary speech. Reading aloud may be the single most important activity parents can do with their cld. It helps them to develop their imaginations, creativity, and encourages an appreciation of art and poetry. The most important way to become a better writer is to put words on paper or on the screen. And wle teachers and how to books can help you improve, you need to write your way because they are your words. Poems and song lyrics both rely on the use of language, both engage their readers and listeners on an emotional level, and both require a skilled use of word sounds and rhyming.

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